Medical Transcription equipments consist of Foot Pedals , Amplifiers and Head phones. Transcription Foot Pedals are used in home & office For legal , Business and medical transcription.

Digital or Medical transcription is transcribing / writing medical dictation of Doctors .Medical Transcription has a very good growth in India as in India Transcribing is cheaper then US. Transcriptionist equipments are also very cheaper in India.

Mt equipments are very high in demand and repair also taken by Manufactures. Mt companies in Delhi higher the Mt Equipment companies for there need. Repairing Transcription Foot pedals , Amplifiers , headphones. Medical transcription will have to complete his work in specific time bound so it must that all the hardware provided to a medical transcriptionst must be working fine .So transcriptionist foot pedal leads a important role in it. Good Amplifier , Good Headphone .. Of Course a Good Computer.

Raj Orien Industries is oldest Medical Transcription Equipment company in Delhi. Having Client's not only in Delhi / NCR but also many States of India like Maharashtra , Bangalore , Chennai. Our Medical Transcription Foot Pedal is compatible with most of the Transcription Software's in Market. Our Products are Qualified on most of the standards of Medical transcription of Market . We also Provide free software and Guidance about our products working . We also manufacture Headphones & Amplifiers and all type of Converters i.e. Game Port to USB port. Contact Foot Pedal India

Type of Foot Pedals

3 Types Transcription Pedal Connector's are Used in Computer :

Com PortCom Port - Serial :In Old Time we use Com port foot pedal it is normally attached on motherboard known as 9-pin or DB9

Game PortGame Port - Joystick :It is attached with computer sound card where users attach a Joystick for playing games also known as DB-15 or 15 Pin .

USB PortUSB Foot Pedal : This type of pedal can be attached with any USB having is computer . It needs no configuration , Long Life & Trouble Free System also Known as Live Wire or Plug and play.

Please check the entire list carefully to ensure that you order the correct connector. All Type are designed for both ease of use and the ability to handle a heavy workout. Their ergonomic design includes a wide, central, sloping Play pedal and their large size allows anyone to easily move from Play, to Fast-Forward, to Rewind.


Click Here : How to install foot pedal on Computer .In Transcribing as we need good Pedal as we also need good software. We see different software like Resource Pool company software Tran said Player ,Transcriber , Wav Player and there are dozens like them but according to our test market survey we see most common is Express Scribe.

Foot Pedal Installation Video

Transcribing Software

Express Scribe is one of the free ware Digital Transcriber . Click Here to Download Express Scribe Latest Version It is compatible with today's Windows XP 2000/2003/Vista/2008 and Windows 7 used to load most common audio file formats. These include wav, mp3, dct (encrypted dictation), ra and rm (RealAudio), sri (VoiceIt), dss (Olympus, Lanier and Grundig), au, aif, msv, dvf, mp2, vox, compressed wav (including PCM, uLaw, ALaw, ADPCM, CELP, SBC, Windows Media, DSP TrueSpeech, GSM 6.10), Philips Digital Recorder format, Sanyo Digital Recorder format and more.

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